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Japanese Peace Bell, UN NY
Japanese Peace Bell, UN NY



The Peace Bell Foundation cordially invites you to participate in the celebration of the 42nd Annual UN Peace Bell Ceremony on Earth Day On Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 1:14am EDT (Equinox at 05:14 GMT)  Ceremony will begin at 12:30am EDT in the UN Rose Garden, overlooking the East River.

Doug with Archbishop Timothy Dolan at St. Mary's Church in Wappingers Falls.
Doug with Archbishop Timothy Dolan at St. Mary's Church in Wappingers Falls.

Cardinal Dolan receives
Foundation's Blueprints

The Peace Bell Foundation endeavors to nurture a deeper, wider movement for the appreciation of peace. The Hudson River, with its beauty, dynamic character and glorious history, fits in perfectly with mankind’s profound longing for peace. Knowing that peace flows from within and we are even more connected than ever before, bells will be rung throughout the summer as we celebrate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s discovery of this majestic body of water.

As the Peace Bell Foundation is cultivating this small but powerful new paradigm for planetary peace, we are reminded of the words attributed to St. Francis, “Make me an instrument of Peace” and these words in John 17:21, “....that they all may be one.....” We wish to thank you for joining us and being part of this special celebration: A Celebration of Peace.


Are we connecting with our higher self each day? What stops us, what encourages us & what joy happens when we connect? Think about 5 daily ideas, write then down for this will help us make those higher self connections. This is one of our greatest and most important skills so fill a note book for one week with the love, energy, desire and skill of connecting to this, our higher self, nothing will bring us more happiness, nothing will change us and the world quicker. This will help us arrive at our highest vibration which will radiate in positive tones to all around us. Namaste

5 STARS *****


Abundance, a NY Times best seller, recommended by my dear friend Robert Kwasny will now hold  a two day symposium on recent updates and talks by experts in many of the topics this bk discusses. A most interesting and fascinating read.  It explains in great detail the following: Life is always a movement from the particular to the universal, new parts and technologies that eventually come together in cooperation leading to more capability and this capability turns into creativity which begins this evolutionary process over again You will love it! Peace/Namaste


“Peace through Service”

Rotary International’s theme for 2012-13 Rotary has 34000 community-based service clubs, and the 1.2 million members worldwide and

Doug Martin Sturomski, the Founder and Director of the Foundation, a Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow, continues to give his Power Point presentation: “Bells Instruments of Freedom and Peace; Their History and Musical Magic” to fraternal, civic, religious and community groups who would like to hear this special, important message.  Bells are ubiquitous symbols of  “Oneness.” A 27 ton Bell, Europe’s largest bell will ring in the 2012 Olympic Games to be joined by all of London’s bells for 3 minutes in a joyful oneness moment.


What gift enriches the receiver without diminishing the giver?

What gift can be given in a flash, but can have an impact that lasts forever? What gift is of no earthly value until it is given away? What gift is such that no one is so poor that he or she cannot share it, and no one is so rich that he or she doesn't have the need for the gift? The answer? A smile

Like smiles, our gifts to others never leave us impoverished. God always makes sure that we get back more than we have given. How generous are you toward those in need? What I keep I lose; what I giveaway is mine forever.

Beautiful Children! Wonderful Vision!  Courageous Idea
Beautiful Children! Wonderful Vision! Courageous Idea

The Hagar Association

A community developing coexistence in Israel through a bilingual, multicultural school in Beer Sheva, Israel - the first and only one of its kind in Israel's Negev. In five years, a dream of a few parents turned into a reality for hundreds as 200 Arab and Jewish children attend our school, where equality, pluralism and social justice infuse every aspect of our curriculum. We also host monthly community events, where four full buses of Arabs and Jews will travel together for a nature hike or a pot-luck picnic. Our children are becoming friends and through them, our parents are getting to know one another and they are becoming friends. Together, peace is possible.

 7 Initiations of Becoming a Peacemaker

by James Odea -
Crossing the threshold of virtual to actual/from ideas to actions.

1.Inspiration 2. Commitment 3.Creativity 4. Integration (inner/outer, masculine/femine = balance) 5. Power- vs Force moving from me to we   6. Transformational being - Cultivating energy mastery 7. Seated in peace - cultivating peace consciousness

The Five Ingredients of Peace 
by Allison Manswell

1. What parts of your childhood are still impacting your life?
2. What parts of that impact are within your control? Out of your control?
3. Who are you really? What does your alter ego have to say?
4. What are your major life lessons? What parts of your personality do others consistently mirror to you?
5. What actions do you need to take to move yourself forward?

To read a full explanation of these 5 Ingredients go to …


Hemingway “Notes on the Next War

The First panacea for a mismanaged nations is inflation of currency the second is war.  Both bring a temporary prosperity, both bring  a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.
— Ernest Hemingway “Notes on the Next War: A Serious Topical Letter,” Esquire September 1935


2010 Peace Bells
Across The Hudson

It was a day of Miracles: the weather was perfect, sunny and mild as students of all ages gathered to ring, sing & celebrate this prelude to Universal Peace Day.
Miracle 2
: Yes, Elementary, Junior High, High School & College Students joined in this Walk for Peace (many unexpectedly thanks to Pattie Steffans and Highland High School) ringing bells and carrying signs signifying 21 attributes of peace. These signs gave examples of the many human qualities necessary for peace: Kindness, Understanding, Love, Forgiveness, Honesty, Spaciousness, (see photo). 
Miracle 3
:  Pattie Stephan’s donated special t-shirts featuring “Peace” in languages ringing our world and the Verdin Bell Company donated 12 beautiful strong sounding bells.
Miracle 4
: Our wonderful in house graphic artist Gilberto Cintron designed our Logo, Banner and Promenade t-shirts, his wife Diane took many excellent pictures of all involved including their children and Sasa (Alison)  made and donated her Peace Rocks as mementoes’ for all the participants.
Miracle 5
: Many family and friends joined the Saint Mary’s Men’s Fellowship, Pax Christi friends, Rotary members and many others of Christian, Moslem, Hindu etc. faiths on this annual Autumn Event, a Promenade for Peace across the new Hudson Walkway Bridge Across connecting Poughkeepsie & Highland, NY. As we look forward to you joining us too for next year we want to offer a special thanks and blessing to Martha my wife & partner, Bill Markey our guitar player, members of the St. Mary’s Choir and all who helped and participated in this inaugural event!

 Click here to see photomontage of the event

Peace Bell Foundation on Living City magazine: "Listen Within", comment on Mattie Stepanek
Doug and Martha performing at the Beacon Sloop Club in May '09. The legendary Pete Seeger is at right.
Doug and Martha performing at the Beacon Sloop Club in May '09. The legendary Pete Seeger is at right.
2009 Peace Bells
Along The Hudson

Greetings Peace Fellows
The message, "I'd hammer out love between my sisters and my brothers, all over this land," from the song "If I Had a Hammer," was written 60 years ago by folk singer Pete Seeger, troubadour from the Hudson Valley. Those lyrics continue to ring true today, not just “all over this land” but over the entire world. We need to foster love between all our brothers and sisters, and bells, their sight, sound and symbol, embedded in most cultures of the world, are the perfect instruments of hope, love and peace. For example, our Liberty Bell is widely recognized as an instrument and icon of freedom & peace. And, as Seeger wrote, "If I had a bell, I'd ring it in the morning,” we, too, are going to ring bells to proclaim a new day of greater understanding and a sense of fraternity among all peoples.

Teilhard de Chardin

 "As we become more of one mind through the Internet humanity must become more of one heart to survive".  Teilhard de Chardin

Doug Martin
"Bringing ideals of Freedom and Peace
through the Sight, Sound and Symbol of the Bell."





As we suffer from the Illusion of proximity in the West and China the birth place of “Bells” now or soon will become  the world super power, what effect will this have on World Peace? Of course we all cherish the basic human desires of love and peace but how will governments interfere with these desires by trying to be or remain in power? Will the collective power of the people especially through social media prevail? There will be many challenges ahead but I believe the power of the people will prevail, love and kindness will triumph over power and force!



I find your cynicism in somewhat poor taste, and the implication that there's a group of smart people (like you, us, or anyone else) that never does anything stupid is false. We're all stupid. If you're breathing, you're stupid… and thank goodness for it. Stupid is the realm just beyond the tiny little circle of familiarity we all live in every day. Stupid is where the best ideas are born. Stupid is the scorn you brave when you're sure you're right and absolutely nobody agrees with you. Stupid is your limits. It's self-knowledge, a valuable commodity. If you're never stupid, you'll never be very smart.

Sean Goldsmith and Dan Ferris