FREE Global Oneness Day 2017 Celebration
This free online summit is like Earth Day for awakened consciousness, and Neale is a featured speaker, along with his good friends Jean Houston and Claire Zammit.

They’ll be engaging in heart-opening conversations, along with other leading-edge spiritual teachers and scientists including Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, Doreen Virtue, Nassim Haramein, Panache Desai, Gary Zukav, Ervin Laszlo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Lynne McTaggart.  

Check Out the Full List of Speakers Here and Find Out How to Attend the Online Summit at No Charge

Just as Earth Day calls attention to the environment, Global Oneness Day draws attention to our Oneness with Spirit, one another, and all of life.

Global Oneness Day also includes a host of online seminars you can attend to gain fresh inspiration and guidance to create more sustainability in your life and work.

The day will include discussions of the spiritual implications of our ultimate Oneness, as well as new visions for our leadership, sciences, environment, businesses, and more…

Please join us in attending this vital event focused on ensuring that we as individuals, as well the organizations we may be a part of, reflect emerging values and global priorities for making a critical difference in our world!